Published: 17th November 2011
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by Dr. Steven M. Beresford
People with myopia can usually see near objects clearly but distant objects are blurred. Although some cases of myopia are inherited, the major cause is too much reading, TV, and computers. This creates nearpoint stress, which can affect the focusing muscles and make the eyeball go out of shape.
Most eye doctors treat myopia with corrective lenses but these usually increase the nearpoint stress and make the myopia worse. Fortunately, eye exercises provide a safe, natural, alternative method of treatment.
The National Eye Institute Endorses Eye Exercises
A few years ago, the National Eye Institute issued a report that stated: "Reading is the most established risk factor for myopia. Many patients report that their myopic progression was slowed or reversed by various forms of eye exercises."
In addition to doing eye exercises, it's vitally important not to wear glasses for reading or computer work. If you have an old pair of weaker glasses, go back to wearing them as long as you can see well enough to drive. There are many eye exercises for myopia, but the eye exercises described below will get you started on the road to improvement. Do them without glasses or use weaker glasses.
Eye Exercise #1: Flexing
Look at a near object such as pen, flower, or trinket about 6" from the tip of your nose. Now look at a far object such as a building, tree, or something across the room.
Now change focus between the near object and the far object in time to your breathing: (inhale/near)(exhale/far). Hold the near object still and look at a small detail on each object every time you change focus. Do this eye exercise for up to 10 minutes.
Eye Exercise #2: Squeeze Blinking
Firmly squeeze your eyes shut using only your eyelid muscles. Don't scrunch up the muscles around the eyes. Ask a friend to watch you and make sure you are doing it right.
Now open your eyes wide and look at a detail on a far object. Alternate squeezing your eyes shut and looking at details on far objects. Do this eye exercise for up to 5 minutes.
Eye Exercise #3: Detailing
Get an interesting object such as a plant or ornament and put it at a distance where it's slightly blurred. Now carefully examine a small detail by slowly running your gaze around its edges, and try to see its exact shape.
Aim for calm, relaxed, contemplative vision. Breathe deeply and don't squint, strain, or use any tricks. Try to see even smaller details inside the detail you are looking at. Then look at another detail. Do this eye exercise for up to 10 minutes.
How Much Improvement To Expect
If you do these eye exercises every day, you can expect to see an improvement within a week or two. But don't overdo it or your eyes will become sore. If that happens, only do Eye Exercise #3 until the soreness subsides.
It's vitally important to remember that corrective lenses usually make myopia worse, so only wear them when you really need them. Never wear them for reading or computer work and use an old pair of weaker glasses if possible.
Author Information
Dr. Beresford is President of the American Vision Institute, which was founded in 1979 and is dedicated to research and development of vision therapy eye exercises. The American Vision Institute publishes the Power Vision Program, which was developed with Dr. Merrill J. Allen (Indiana University) and Dr. Francis A. Young (Washington State University) at www.visiontherapy.net.
Dr. Beresford can be contacted at visiontherapy.2020@yahoo.com

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